Selina's Lettings Gloucester 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
Selina's Lettings Gloucester
Selina's Lettings have genuinely and routinely impressed me
Dan JerramI have been using Selina's Lettings since 2013. I can safely say I have been nothing but completely satisfied with them. As a novice landlord, the company worked very hard to explain what can be [at times] a very daunting process. With their help it was turned into a simple, stress free and very slick operation.

I'm rather difficult to impress generally and am overly harsh with companies more often than not, but I have to say Selina's Lettings have genuinely and routinely impressed me - not just with the day to day running, but also with an excellent pro-active approach.

Nothing has been too big and I have utmost confidence in Selina's integrity, in this industry, that can be far more important than a small financial saving.

My only regret with Selina's Lettings is that I currently don't have anymore properties for them manage.

Thoroughly dependable and highly recommended. I wish them the best of luck and long may our partnership continue.